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  An entertainment robot is, as the name indicates, a robot that is not made for utilitarian use, as in production or domestic services, ​​
but for the sole subjective pleasure of the human it serves, usually the owner or his housemates, guests or clients.

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What is Service Robotics? 

Service robots assist human beings, typically by performing a job that is dirty, dull, distant, dangerous or repetitive, including household chores.

They typically are autonomous and/or operated by a built-in control system, with manual override options.
Innovations at Innovators Store
Robotics at Innovators Store
Innovations at Innovators Store
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 At Innovators Store we are dedecated to support technology startup from all over the world, so when you visit our store expect to see latest innovations and technology.

​While you can at the same time buy any of those innovations.

You can also well enjoy watching and learning how those innovation work and how they can actuly be of use to you.
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